Justin McCoubry, VP Marketing, Creator by ZmagsJustin McCoubry, VP Marketing
Personalized and interactive content is the new king of digital marketing. This is especially true in a post-COVID-19 pandemic world where brands are moving beyond their traditional brick-and-mortar stores to reach out to the customers where they are online. For this, digital transformation is indispensable. However, the pandemic has crammed the digital transformation journey from three years to within a year. As the pandemic has substantially fueled the entire digitalization process, brands are compelled to quickly rethink their digital presence to thrive in the current retail scenario. As a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, Zmags empowers organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey through their innovative Creator platform. Creator allows organizations to turn static and conventional digital content into inspiring end-to-end brand experiences that expand customer loyalty and drive conversions by sitting at the intersection of infinite digital possibilities, creativity, and revenue generation.

Ways to Personalized Content

When it comes to customer experience, the need for personalized content to attract customers has become ever more critical. Most retailers and e-commerce businesses realize that the notion of static templatized content no longer engages with the end-user. Instead, rich and interactive content attracts customers and leads into retailer websites. However, brands lack the required tech expertise and experience to spearhead their digital strategies. Most often, brands spend a significant amount of money on social media ads to bring in new customers by ensuring that the content is differentiating and leads the customer to click and consume. When the customer leaves the ad and clicks on the brand’s website, if the experience on the website does not tie in the message that compelled them to click it can lead to a disengaged customer. Brands and retailers are unable to convey a compelling experience online. This is because they are constrained with either a limited technology or are stuck within the existing technology stack, or lack the resources to support their vision.

Here, Zmags’ Creator comes to play. Backed by best-in-class technology and a team of creative innovators in design, Creator brings digital experiences to life through limitless interactive possibilities. The platform allows brands to quickly tell their story online and differentiate them from the competition. “We help clients break out of templates and create rich, interactive, engaging content that will perform better across a variety of metrics such as return on investment, spend conversion rates, time on the page while decreasing bounce rates,” says Justin McCoubry, VP Marketing, Zmags.

We help clients break out of templates and create rich, interactive, engaging content that will perform better across a variety of metrics such as return on investment, spend conversion rates, time on page while decreasing bounce rate

Creator empowers creative e-commerce marketing teams to execute brand visions while tying it with their e-commerce engine driving significant revenue. Marketing teams can easily create content without having the necessary technical skills that are otherwise required. “Our platform allows marketing individuals to go beyond existing marketing templates to design any type of content and publish it directly across their websites, emails and other marketing channels,” says McCoubry. What truly differentiates Creator is its ability to empower brands with the required tool that allows them to skip the engineers or coders to create customized content the way they want it directly. “We provide an impressively unified pipeline to an e-commerce marketer to easily reach out to their customers without any hassles,” he adds.

Faster Implementation, Innovative Content Experiences

Often clients feel handcuffed with obsolete systems when they want to custom build large sites. Creator helps alleviate the burden from brands by enabling them to transform and bring their legacy technology to the present as the platform seamlessly ties into their existing stack. Clients can implement Creator in as quickly as a day. “Speed is an extremely strong value proposition that we provide our clients. Today, clients can be stuck with legacy technology and just a day later, with Creator, they can execute their vision across their entire site,” says David Powell, CEO, Zmags.

Brands revolutionize how they bring their content journeys to life with Creator — within any tech stack and any existing workflow, without traditional technology and resource constraints. By inspiring customers through interactive, innovative content experiences, brands can differentiate against competitors. Notably, the content created on the Creator platform checks all the boxes for e-commerce, such as SEO optimization and ADA compatibility. Creator enables teams to drastically enhance the quality of their content and build long-lasting relationships with customers through engaging brand experiences. That said, brands can operate without any constraints to provide an exceptional experience to their customers. As a result of enhanced site experience, a shorter path to purchase with interactive content drives more revenue and better engagement metrics from the customer base.

Impactful Brand Stories

Illustrating the quality of Creator is a success story from Godiva. As a large-scale retailer of various goods, mainly chocolates, Godiva’s team struggled to produce and publish compelling content on their website. Despite having a legacy technology stack, Godiva was able to attract customers with the Creator platform. Importantly, Creator also supports their integration with Salesforce. With Zmags’ Creator platform, they saw a 380 percent increase in creative output within a month.
  • Speed is an extremely strong value proposition that we provide our clients. Today, clients can be stuck with legacy technology and just a day later, with Creator, they can execute their vision across their entire site

As a result of engaging experiences, Godiva noticed a 300 percent increase in conversion rates. “We brought the ability to get the content up and running quickly, reducing the number of clicks it takes to make a purchase, and thus increasing the conversion rate, giving the consumer a more experiential buying process,” says Ryan Breen, CTO, Zmags.

In another instance, Zmags worked with Signature Hardware, a provider of unique home fittings, to boost content and help them when products are sold out. Interestingly, Zmags offers an inventory alerting product that helped Signature Hardware continue providing an engaging experience to the customer even when a product is sold out. “We want to provide the end customer with the best experience to ensure their journey does not hit a dead end. By inventory alerting, we helped the client optimize the content on their site,” adds Breen.

McCoubry also highlights the success story of New York and Company. The client was able to sell out product lines because Creator allowed them to act quickly and leverage a timely celebrity event. “We have the ability to react to events in the market rapidly to boost client sales. In fact, in this case the numbers even shocked the CEO,” says Powell.

To keep up with the constantly changing market needs, Zmags recently built a new interactive email product that is a real breakthrough in the market. Also, they’re currently developing a design file support feature that will industry-first capabilities. At the same time, the company’s remote team spread out across the globe is checking in with customers to meet their needs. The company has also established a customer advisory board comprising heavy users to take their feedback and constantly improve the platform. Zmags is passionate about helping clients rethink the power and impact of their digital experiences, which inspires the entire team every day.